Bible Truth Publishers

Last updated 30th October 2008 
Name of library  Bible Truth Publishers
Address  Manor Barn, Manor Court, Horsington, Somerset, BA8 OET, UK
Telephone  01963 371137
Alternative names  British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship
Contact & Job Title  Paul Boyd-Lee, Honorary Secretary
Purpose & main user community of the library  Members of above, and students
Terms of access  By appointment
Opening hours  Disabled access
Disabled access  
Lending to other libraries & visitors  No. By arrangement
Number of volumes  4,000 and access to related libraries
Periodicals – Back Issues  20
Current Periodicals  120
Other materials  videos, maps, audio recordings
Volumes added per year Biblical archaeology, prophecy and history
Special Collections  
Research resource  Origins and migrations of tribes of ancient Israel; interpretation of Bible prophecy
Catalogue Type  Being catalogued
URL of catalogue  
Other facilities  Photocopying, word processing and emailing files where permitted
Full Time Staff  
Part Time Staff  1
Voluntary Staff  Yes
Changes in next five years affecting the above  Catalogues with similar libraries being increased
Anything else about the library