Edinburgh University Library

Last updated 30th October 2008 
Name of library Edinburgh University Library 
Address New College Library, Mound Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2LU 
Telephone 0131 650 8957 
Fax 0131 650 7952 (marked FAO Library) 
E-mail New.College.Library@ed.ac.uk 
Website http://www.lib.ed.ac.uk 
Alternative names New College Library 
Contact & Job Title New College Librarian 
Purpose & main user community of the library Serves students and staff of the University of Edinburgh, and members of the public 
Terms of access  Just walk in, but see website for consultation fees etc.
Opening hours See website 
Disabled access  Apply at Servitors’ Lodge for direction to lift access to Library; access to stackrooms may be difficult
Lending to other libraries & visitors Participates in ILL schemes. Annual subscription available 
Number of volumes 250,000 
Periodicals – Back Issues   1,665 sets
Current Periodicals  250
Other materials  MSS collections. Access to electronic resources for Edinburgh University users
Volumes added per year  1,300
Coverage  Strong antiquarian theological collections, and collections on non-Christian religions. New College Library covers all aspects of the study of the Christian religion, and religious studies. In addition Edinburgh University Library in George Square also contains relevant material
Special Collections In New College Library: Dumfries’ Presbytery Library. James Thin Hymnology collection. John Paterson Bible collection. Longforgan Free Church Ministers’ Library. Plato E Shaw collection (Catholic Apostolic church). Historical pamphlets 16th c. onwards.  In Edinburgh University Library: Clement Litil Bequest. James Nairn Bequest. Cathcart White Bequest 
Manuscripts Among others, papers of Thomas Chalmers, John Baillie 
Research resource Biblical studies, patristics, missions, liturgy, hymnology, ecumenism, general church history (particularly Reformed), Scottish church history, non-Christian religions. 
Catalogue Type  Computer, sheaf, guardbook
URL of catalogue http://www.catalogue.lib.ed.ac.uk 
Other facilities Photocopying; other reprographic services available from Special Collections Collections Dept, George Square, see website for details: http://www.lib.ed.ac.uk/resources/collections/specdivision/


Full Time Staff  3
Part Time Staff  4
Voluntary Staff  
Changes in next five years affecting the above  
Anything else about the library