The Hugh Rae Library

Last updated 9th May 2019
Name of library The Hugh Rae Library
Address The Nazarene College, Dene Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2GU 
Telephone 0161 438 1927 
Alternative names  
Contact & Job Title Helen Stocker,  Librarian & Learning Support Co-Ordinator
Purpose & main user community of the library To provide resources for students and staff
Terms of access Non-members can join the library with the payment of an annual fee. 
Opening hours Semester: M-Sa 08.30 – 21.30; Vacations: M-Sa 08:30 – 21.30 (staffed M-F 09:00-17:00)
Disabled access All aisles in the main library allow wheelchair access. Help needed for high shelves and some other library spaces. Disabled parking is located just outside the library and disabled toilet facilities are available too.
Lending to other libraries & visitors May lend to ABTAPL member libraries by special arrangement.
Number of volumes 35,000 
Periodicals – Back Issues  177
Current Periodicals  30
Other materials
Volumes added per year  1,000
Coverage  Biblical studies, theology, church history, practical and social theology
Special Collections Wesley Collection: wide range of old and new publications about Wesley and Methodism housed in the Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC).
Theses Collection: Collection of PhD and some MA theses on Wesley and Methodism from all over the world is available in the Manchester Wesley Research Centre (MWRC). The catalogue is available online through the MWRC website.
Archives of the Church of the Nazarene in the British isles 
Research resource Christian Holiness, Theses, Archives
Catalogue Type  online
URL of catalogue
Other facilities  
Full Time Staff  1
Part Time Staff  
Voluntary Staff
Changes in next five years affecting the above
Anything else about the library A smaller collection of around 12,000 volumes is held at the Glasgow Learning Centre. This collection was formally from the Grogan Library at International Christian College (see separate entry for further details)