Queen’s Foundation Library

Last updated 17th November 2008 
Name of library Queen’s Foundation Library 
Address Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2QH 
Telephone 0121 452 2621 
Fax 0121 454 8171 
E-mail library@queens.ac.uk 
Website http://www.queens.ac.uk/qfnd/library.php 
Alternative names Queen’s College; Queen’s Foundation 
Contact & Job Title Michael Gale,  Librarian
Purpose & main user community of the library Theological education; Queen’s Foundation academic community 
Terms of access Initially by appointment 
Opening hours Normally 09.00-17.00, but you are advised to telephone in advance
Disabled access High bookshelves, swing doors 
Lending to other libraries & visitors To other ABTAPL libraries. External membership for a fee may be available and includes limited borrowing rights. 
Number of volumes 50,000 
Periodicals – Back Issues 100 
Current Periodicals  70
Other materials Small collection of videos. CDROMs. 
Volumes added per year  800
Special Collections C16 Bibles, Early Fathers and Reformers: a small collection of early editions. C17 editions of early Anglican and Puritan writers. C18-19 Methodist collecton including early editions of works by John and Charles Wesley. 
Research resource (Regional). Black Theology. Denominational Studies.  
Catalogue Type Computer 
URL of catalogue 
Other facilities Limited photocopying on request to librarian 
Full Time Staff  1
Part Time Staff  0.1
Voluntary Staff  ad hoc
Changes in next five years affecting the above  
Anything else about the library