Spurgeon’s College Library

Last updated 9th July 2018
Name of library Spurgeon’s College Library 
Address South Norwood Hill, London, SE25 6DJ 
Telephone  020 8653 0850 ext. 236
Fax  020 8771 0959
E-mail  library@spurgeons.ac.uk
Website  http://www.spurgeons.ac.uk
Alternative names  
Contact & Job Title  Annabel Haycraft, Librarian
Purpose & main user community of the library Serves students and staff of the College 
Terms of access Not normally open to non-members of the college for borrowing, but occasionally for reading on site. Email requests to the librarian. 
Opening hours  9.00 – 16.15 Wednesdays/Thursdays in term-time, by appointment only.  In vacations opening hours may vary
Disabled access  Suitable for wheelchair users
Lending to other libraries & visitors The library does not normally lend. May lend to ABTAPL member libraries by special arrangement. 
Number of volumes  75,000
Periodicals – Back Issues  145 sets
Current Periodicals  100
Other materials  
Volumes added per year  1,000
Coverage  General theology, biblical studies, church history, pastoral studies, ethics, world religions.
Special Collections  An archive of material by and about C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892): books, mss. letters, newspaper cuttings, portraits, etc.
Manuscripts  Spurgeon manuscripts in the archive as described above.
Research resource Significant resource for the study of C. H. Spurgeon and his importance in Victorian society. 
Catalogue Type  Computer
URL of catalogue  http://library.spurgeons.ac.uk
Other facilities  Photocopying
Full Time Staff  1
Part Time Staff  
Voluntary Staff  1
Changes in next five years affecting the above  
Anything else about the library  The Library uses Heritage computer software and is a member of the Theological Heritage User Group.