Wadham College Library

Last updated 25th March 2009 
Name of library  Wadham College Library
Address Wadham College, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PN 
Telephone  01865 277900 (lodge); 277914 (library)
Fax  01865 277937
E-mail robin.robbins@wadham.ox.ac.uk & sandra.bailey@wadham.ox.ac.uk
Alternative names  
Contact & Job Title  Dr. R.H. Robbins / Ms S.C. Bailey, Fellow Librarian/ Librarian
Purpose & main user community of the library  Principally an undergraduate library open to all members of the College; old book collection
Terms of access  By appointment with the librarians (old books. No access to main collection)
Opening hours  By agreement with the librarians
Disabled access  Many stairs up to main collections and down to old books stack
Lending to other libraries & visitors  No. None.
Number of volumes Very few in main collection, several hundred in old books collection 
Periodicals – Back Issues  
Current Periodicals  
Other materials  Some mss in old books collection
Volumes added per year  2 in main collection, 0 in old books collection
Coverage  Undergraduate degree in theology and in theology and philosophy; general interest material
Special Collections  In old books collection: Bisse collection: C16 English and European Protestant; Godolphin collection: C17-18 European (Spanish and French) Protestant and Catholic; Wiffen collection: C16-19 Spanish Protestant and Reformers.
Manuscripts Wiffen collection: working papers and correspondence between B.B. Wiffen (an English (19 Quaker) and L Usoz y Rio (Spanish reformer)
Research resource  In the areas covered by the mentioned significant collections (old books)
Catalogue Type  Main collection: computer (accessions since 1992), card. Old collection: card (by author), various misc. guides.
URL of catalogue  
Other facilities  Non-members may not ue the main collection. Photocopying (where suitable) can be arranged: work room has facilities for lap top use (old collection)
Full Time Staff  1
Part Time Staff  0.5
Voluntary Staff  
Changes in next five years affecting the above  
Anything else about the library