Exeter University Library

Last updated 24th March 2009  
Name of library Exeter University Library  
Address Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PT  
Telephone 01392 263884  
Fax  01392 263871
Website http://www.library.ex.ac.uk 
Alternative names  
Contact & Job Title Caroline Gale 
Purpose & main user community of the library  Serves members of the university
Terms of access  Just walk in 
Opening hours  See http://www.library.ex.ac.uk/open/
Disabled access  Reasonably accessible; if a problem, contact Claire Stewart 
Lending to other libraries & visitors The Library via ILL. Limited lending to non-members; details at http://www.library.ex.ac.uk/borrow/extborrow.html 
Number of volumes 25,000  
Periodicals – Back Issues 84 
Current Periodicals 54 
Other materials  
Volumes added per year 750 
Coverage Mainly Christian, though some comparative religion; church history, biblical studies, ecclesiology, ethics.
Special Collections Syon Abbey Collection (Bridgettines). Society of Friends Library + some early books on Quakers. Local Parish Library Collections 
Manuscripts Notebooks etc. of Jack Clemo, Christian poet, but see Library’s guide to special collections at http://www.library.ex.ac.uk/special/guides.html 
Research resource The library has a long established and well resourced theology collection which caters well for the undergraduate and research needs of a successful Theology Department. 
Catalogue Type Computer 
URL of catalogue http://www.lib.ex.ac.uk 
Other facilities Photocopying; online access to catalogue only. 
Full Time Staff 60
Part Time Staff  30
Voluntary Staff  
Changes in next five years affecting the above  
Anything else about the library