Mattersey Hall Research Centre


Last updated 21st January 2020
Name of library The Research Centre, Mattersey Hall
Address Mattersey Hall, Retford Road, Mattersey, DN10 5HD
Telephone 01777 817663 ext 24
Alternative names Mattersey Hall Library
Contact & Job Title Anne E Dyer Research Centre Manager
Purpose & main user community of the library Students at Mattersey Hall Bible College
Terms of access Students or local readers who can pay a small fee per year; this is under review
Opening hours 9am – 9pm
Disabled access Yes.
Lending to other libraries & visitors Unusual but not impossible.
Number of volumes 21,000 books
Periodicals – Back Issues 39,000 articles keyworded on the catalogue
Current Periodicals 0 -10 last year but this year we subscribed to EBSCO for our student/ staff access
Other materials Donald Gee Archive has many items relating to Pentecostal and Charismatic history from Donald Gee’s files to Fountain Trust items and many others.
Volumes added per year
Coverage Theology
Special Collections See Donald Gee Archive
Research resource Yes
Catalogue Type Heritage
URL of catalogue
Other facilities
Full Time Staff  1
Part Time Staff  0
Voluntary Staff 3
Changes in next five years affecting the above tba
Anything else about the library na