Woolf Institute

Last updated 25th April 2018
Name of library Woolf Institute
Address Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0UB
Telephone 01223 741048
E-mail scj22@cam.ac.uk , library@woolf.cam.ac.uk
Website  www.woolf.cam.ac.uk
Alternative names Formerly : Centre for the Study of Jewish-Christian Relations 
Contact & Job Title Susanne Jennings, Subject Librarian 
Purpose & main user community of the library  To support students, academic staff and researchers in the academic study and researchers in the academic study and research of Jewish-Christian-Muslim studies
Terms of access Members of the Cambridge Theological Federation and the University of Cambridge are granted access automatically; external researchers/visitors should contact the subject librarian in advance of their visit to arrange an appointment. Members of the Cambridge Muslim College (reading rights).
Opening hours Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00
Disabled access 'yes' (there is a lift to the lower level and an accessible toilet for wheelchair users)
Lending to other libraries & visitors no & under review
Number of volumes 5,000 
Periodicals - Back Issues  10
Current Periodicals 9
Other materials significant collection of subject-related DVDs
Volumes added per year  N.B. the library has been closed for redevelopment the past 3 years and so has now resumed adding new volumes to its collections which reflect its research interests along with academic requirements for postgraduate students.
Coverage Historical; theological; philosophical; socio-political; psychological/ethical; arts & humanities-related material (art, literature, film, music); material relating to the holocaust (factual/literary).
Special Collections The Faraday Institute’s reference collection of the 228 volume international society for science & religion library project published by Columbia University Press.
Research resource  Jewish, Christian and Islamic studies; interfaith relations; Abrahamic faiths; holocaust studies; torah; Bible; Qur’an; biblical studies/biblical commentaries; talmud; historical studies relevant to the three faiths; socio-political studies; orientalism; film; art; music; literature; liturgy & worship; philosophy; spirituality; mysticism; middle eastern studies; theology etc.
Catalogue Type  computer
URL of catalogue http://idiscover.lib.cam.ac.uk/primo-explore/search?vid=44CAM_PROD&lang=en_US 
Other facilities  wifi; photocopying
Full Time Staff  
Part Time Staff  1
Voluntary Staff  1
Changes in next five years affecting the above We are seeking to expand the collection to include material which reflects current/future academic research foci.
Anything else about the library  Adjoining the lower level of the Library is a peaceful prayer/quiet room which may be used by readers