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2 hours ago
The Charity Survival Fund is designed to provide financial aid for small & medium sized charities facing financial hardship. This new Fund can help to bridge the financial gap until usual sources of income return to the sector.
1 day ago
Social media for marketing library and information services

@CILIPinfo webinar 8 July
6 days ago
The full Cathedral Libraries Catalogue is now available to search @JiscLibraryHub
2 weeks ago
Huge thanks @degruyter_TRS for providing a 3-month free trial period to its Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) Online for members of BETH (which includes members of ABTAPL)
3 weeks ago
Today the Anglican Church remembers the life of Bernard Mizeki
3 weeks ago
The National Emergency Library from @internetarchive will close on Tuesday 16 June (2 weeks earlier than planned).
Access to 1.3 million copyrighted resources will return to controlled digital lending.
Internet Archive @internetarchive
Temporary National Emergency Library to close 2 weeks early, returning to traditional controlled digital lending @internetarchive #nationalemergencylibrary