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4 days ago
"Palm Sunday services take a virtual turn this year"
6 days ago
At the conference today we would have heard from @beginningcat @JoBoardman @Soutron @openathens @HeritageLMS.
What would have been the top thing you wanted us to know?
7 days ago
Looking forward to March 25-27 2021 already!
7 days ago
Well, that's my evening sorted!
Where's me scissors??
7 days ago
Today should have been the first day of our conference in Cardiff. Some of us would have been on CPD visits @CUSpecialColls and @Amgueddfa_Lib Right Now.
We'll be there this time next year, but do @CUSpecialColls & @Amgueddfa_Lib have a good photo to show us? 😃