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2 days ago
Last day for EarlyBirds* to catch the worm**.

* You/Your library
** #ABTAPL20 conference discount
3 days ago
No pressure*, but the early bird rate for #ABTAPL20 ends tomorrow!

*Actually lots of pressure
6 days ago
Just a week left to take up the EarlyBird rate at the ABTAPL conference in Cardiff, 2-4 April.

Prices start from just £30.
1 week ago
Grants to buy historic books and papers start from a few hundred pounds, and @fnl313 are always keen to hear from more small libraries.
Don't forget the deadline for applications for acquisition grants: 1st March. Apply via If your acquisition is urgent you can apply at any time. We want to help you enhance your collections! This 1694 map is @BerksArchives thanks to a 2019 FNL grant.
2 weeks ago
Reasons to sign up for the #ABTAPL20 Conference right now: