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5 days ago
Are your books lonely? @rhul_library shows the way...
RHUL Library @RHUL_Library
Loyal followers. We bring sad news.

As part of our research into the Top 5 Most Borrowed Books 2019 we found that one book hadn't been borrowed for a very long time. It's just been there, collecting dust, staring out the window at other books achieving their book destiny.
2 weeks ago
Beware geeks bearing gifts for sale
3 weeks ago
Guess who just managed to get themselves banished from the ABTAPL jiscmail list for suspicious activity?
3 weeks ago
The new year started on the first Sunday in Advent. Hope it's been good to you so far.
1 month ago
"Fantasy television programs $x Religious aspects"
is now an approved #LCSH heading, and I can barely contain my excitement.